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Chief Technology Officer

Walter has an engineering background, but he currently assumes a managerial role at a large technology company. He is a big fan of the Hungarian engineering culture, and he prefers working with software developers from Budapest when it comes to outsourcing a project.

Walter likes partnering with Mindfusion because we always deliver the appropriate taskforce on time.

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CEO & Founder

Luuk is a real self-made man managing his tech startup. He is building a lean organization and outsources everything he can. Luuk loves Mindfusion because we support his entire agile software innovation process from mockups to DevOps.

Luuk flies to Budapest quite often (it is just an hour) to meet his software teams in person and to have a craft beer together.

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Tech recruiter

Lana studied cultural anthropology before becoming a professional tech recruiter. She loves working with people, but nowadays, her job is not easy; finding competent software engineers is increasingly difficult.

Lana is fond of Mindfusion. She sees us as a secret treasury of thousands of excellent engineers.

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