Last minute corporate gift guide 2020

This year’s Holiday season is certainly different.

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December 11, 2020

This year’s Holiday season is certainly different. You might have cancelled the company Christmas Party and your usual go-to holiday gifts might not hit the mark.

We’ve collected some last minute gift ideas that truly fit this year. Whatever your budget might be, you will find some inspiration here.

Make it comfy

Most people don’t have the same ergonomic setup at home that you might be providing in your offices. And while you’ll probably not buy everyone a top notch desk chair, you might give them an ergonomic pillow or backrest that helps them get comfortable and stay healthy while working from home.
Another great way to improve home-office-life can be a branded wrist rest for more comfortable typing or an ergonomic laptop stand for a better setup.  

Make it cosy

Most of us start our day with a hot cup of coffee or tea. Why not give a good quality branded mug to your team to bring a little bit of the office right to their desk? You can even add an uplifting or fun quote that resonates with your brand to it. And if you think a branded mug is too old-school, you can go with a custom mug-cosy instead.

Make it easy

Being productive and organized while working from home might be one of the biggest challenges. Make it easy for your team: gift them a custom designed branded calendar that makes task management easier, or a desktop calendar / notepad with custom sections for to-do lists, meeting notes or whatever resonates with your team’s day-to-day life.

Make it yummy

A gift basket might sound blah, but not if you put some thought into it. Recreate your office rec-room, stuff the basket with the same items that are available in your lounge or kitchen and send a little bit of your office-life to your team’s homes. You don’t have goodies in your office? Put together a basket with branded coffee, tea, healthy snacks and some other treats. Trust us: everyone appreciates a thoughtfully curated gift basket!
And since we are talking about food: a great way to bring those office-day feelings back to your team’s homes is to give them their favorite lunch service delivered or a gift card for lunch delivery.

Make it pro

Do you use video conferencing in your field? Are there still anyone who doesn’t these days?? Think about gifting bluetooth headphones, a webcam or even a custom virtual background for zoom calls.

Make it better

Did you know that most people are saving time with remote work? Just think about all the tIme saved while commuting (and there’s the time saved putting on pants..). Why not use this time, invest in your employees growth and offer them free online education in your field? You can choose a course directly related to your business or give options for personal development related courses. Whatever you choose, the best way to go about this would be to include the time needed to complete the course in your team’s working hours.

Make it safer

Masks are part of our lives - and they will probably stay with us for a while longer. Why don’t you gift your team with a premium quality reusable custom designed face mask this year? Just make sure your branding is subtle enough so people would actually wear these masks - no one wants to walk around with a big logo covering half of their faces..

Make it count

Do you know what the best gift any employer could give around this time? Time with family and friends. Give an extra day off to your team and let them enjoy their home office - without the office. Home run guaranteed!

Whatever you pick, make sure you add a note of appreciation for your team for enduring these challenging times. And add a personal touch or two.

Happy Holidays!

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